In a nutshell

As a writer, I live to tell stories. And I have so many stories in my head to tell. So I need your help, dear reader. Tell me your favorite genres and books. It'll help steer what I'll write next.

In return for your precious time, you will have a chance to win one of the five prizes listed to the right. Please, only one entry per person.

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The information gathered will only be used for the purpose of prioritizing my book series. I will not sell or share this information with anyone. Not even a whisper to my dogs.

1-year subscription to Kindle Unlimited

$50 Amazon Gift Card

(3x) Eden Wakes (Paperback)


$50 Amazon Gift Card - Andrea (a*****g@yahoo.com)
Eden Wakes Paperback - Michael Burns
Eden Wakes Paperback - Jim (j*****h@gmail.com)
Eden Wakes Paperback - Janet (i*****s@gmail.com)

BONUS Prizes:

Entrent Saga Trilogy (ebook) - Michelle (m*****0@gmail.com)
Entrent Saga Trilogy (ebook) - Scott Kim
Entrent Saga Trilogy (ebook) - Bjorn (s*****o@outlook.com)
Entrent Saga Trilogy (ebook) - Lizzy (l*****a@gmail.com)
Entrent Saga Trilogy (ebook) - Catheryn Allen
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