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Kindle Giveaway – Apr 2018

Win a Kindle Paperwhite! Ends 4/30/18.

$100 Amazon Giveaway – Apr 2018

Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Imagine the books you could buy! Ends 4/30/18.

Subscriber Giveaway

Exclusive Giveaways for C.S. Harte subscribers. Ongoing.

Ultimate Paperback Giveaway

Prizes: 52 Paperback books! $1000 value! Ends 4/30/18.

Amazon Giveaways

Escape from Oz (The Falken Chronicles Book 1) (ebook) Ends 4/22


MMMXL Big Book Giveaway

53 books! This is the multi-author multi-genre Big Book Bundle Giveaway! Instanfreebie. Ends 4/30.

Ultimate Urban Fantasy Giveaway

75 books! Never before have you seen a collection of Urban Fantasy books like this! Instanfreebie. Ends 4/30.

Fierce Hearts - Women of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

134 books! Whether they're flying missions on spacecraft, using super-human powers, or fighting dragons, these women will thrill and amaze you. Sit back and find a new heroine to cheer for! Instanfreebie. Ends 4/30.

Super Spring YA Reads

30 books! Awesome YA books by awesome YA authors. Bookfunnel. Ends April 30th.

Sweet Fantasy Spring Giveaway

65 books! A collection of tales for readers who like their fantasy sweet and clean. Enjoy romance, fairy tale retellings, dragons, adventure, and more. Instanfreebie. Ends 4/30.

Fantasy for Free

52 books! Check out some amazing stories and authors, all for free during the month of April! Bookfunnel. Ends 4/30.

Amazing SciFi & Fantasy Books

Searching for your next amazing Fantasy? Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for free for a limited time. Bookfunnel. Ends 4/30.

Amazing Fiction Books

Need a fiction fix? New worlds? Steamy romance? Epic adventures? Find everything you could want here. Available for free for a limited time. Bookfunnel. Ends 4/30.

Writers Of SciFi April Giveaway

75 books! More sci-fi adventures than you can comfortably handle. Available for free for a limited time. Bookfunnel. Ends 4/25.

SFF Book Bonanza

A selection of the finest speculative fiction, free for a limited time. Ends 4/30.