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Sarah J. Maas Giveaway

Win 6 Hardcover copies of the Throne of Glass Series, the Throne of Glass Coloring Book, and a beautiful Throne of Glass iPhone Case! Ends March 31st.

Subscriber Giveaway

Exclusive Giveaways for C.S. Harte subscribers. Ongoing.

Ultimate Paperback Giveaway

Prizes: 52 Paperback books! $1000 value! Ends 4/30/18.

Kindle Giveaway – Feb 2018

Enter this great giveaway now to win a brand new e-reader! Ends 2/28/18.

Elizabeth Hunter’s Elementals Series + $50

Win Elizabeth Hunter’s Elementals Series & a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Ends March 1st.

Amazon Giveaways

The Man of Legends (ebook) Ends 2/27
Red Hope: (Book 1) (ebook) Ends 2/27


Fabulous February Fantasy Giveaway

153 books! A fabulous group of free fantasy books. Instantfreebie. Ends Feb 28th.

Big Book Bundle Giveaway

62 books! This is the multi-author multi-genre Big Book Bundle Giveaway. Instantfreebie. Ends Feb 28th.

Magical New Year Giveaway

32 books! Calling all witches, warlocks, shifters, vampires and other paranormal and magical beings. It's time to download some free books! Instantfreebie. Ends Feb 28th.

When Magic and Science Intermingle

32 books! Craving a story with both science and magic? Try these gripping, cross-genre tales! Bookfunnel. Ends Feb 23rd.

Kindle Unlimited Fantasy and Magic Books

Completely free, full-length novels with fantasy and magic themes on Kindle Unlimited. Amazon. Ends Feb 28th.

Past Lives. Time Travel. Reincarnation. Enlightened Masters.

26 books featuring characters or stories about past lives, time travel and reincarnation! Instantfreebie. Ends Feb 28th.

Young Adult Fiction Giveaway

25 Young Adult Fiction books! Instantfreebie. Ends March 8th.

The Unbelievable Book Giveaway

60 books! Enter a realm of Fantasy. Get your dose of the unbelievable today! Instantfreebie. Ends March 15th.

Books written by friends

Hinder: A Bender's Novel (Guardian of Monsters) by Kristin Ping
Scarab: Falling Through Time (The Scarab Series Book 1) by Hellen Allan
Emerge: The Immortals of Indriell: Books 1, 1.5, 2, 3 + Bonus books by Melissa A. Craven
Slayer (Dragon Tamer Book 1) by J.A. Culican & J.A. Armitage
The Twisted Fairy Tale Box Set by Holly Hook
Ghost Slayer by Majanka Verstraete
Archangel's Kiss: Paranormal Angel Romance (The Cursed Angels Series Book 1) by Anna Santos
Curse Breaker: Enchanted: [The More Epic Version] by Melinda Kucsera
Benjamin Forrest and the School at the End of the World (Endinfinium Book 1) by Chris Ward
Enchantment (The Fae Sister Chronicles Book 1) by Tanya Dawson
The Positive Deviant: A Mindguard Novella by Andrei Cherascu
Curiouser and Curiouser: Steampunk Alice in Wonderland by Melanie Karsak
The Beast Inside: Primal series, Book III by Monique Singleton
Savage Dawn (Legends of Gattica Book 1) by Michelle Hercules
Traitors' Fate: A Queen of Thieves Epic Fantasy Novel by Andy Peloquin
The Immortals (The Immortal Brotherhood Book 1) by Alesha Escobar &‎ H.M. Jones
My Delicate Destruction: a Science Fiction Space Opera Adventure (Wolfegang Series Book 1) by Jillian Ashe
Rotten Magic (The Artifice Mage Saga Book 1) by Jeffrey Bardwell
Vengeance (Warships of the Spire Book 1) by Lisa Blackwood & S.M. Schmitz