Echoes of Guardians - Book 1

Cries of the Wolf - Book 2

Symphonies of Valor - Book 3

Voices of the Lost - Book 4

Endurance - Entrent Saga Prequel

About Me

I am a writer. At least, I'm working toward that.

Reading has always been a passion. As a child, I would take a flashlight under the covers and read Jules Verne, J.K. Rowling, and John Green. Basically, any writers with names that start with "J."

Unlike some writers, I never aspired to be one. As a non-native English-speaker, the path seemed all but closed off to me during my formative years.

Then one day, tragedy struck. In an instant, my life and how I perceived the world changed. I realized that my life was a series of repetitive motions on the daily treadmill that most of us call jobs.

I sought ideas and inspiration on how to change my life. From friends, family, and Austin BBQ pits. In a magical moment, when all three combined in a flash of clarity, I decided to write a novel.

Writing is one of those 10,000-hour disciplines before you can begin to consider yourself decent. There are many styles and forms of writing, and I cannot yet say which category neatly fits me. I do know that I will focus on speculative fiction.

My greatest enjoyments are plots advancing at a brisk pace with protagonists pitted against overwhelming odds set in epic universes. I will strive for such qualities in my novels.

If I’m not writing, you can probably find me people watching on 6th street, at one of the many concerts or festivals throughout Austin, or asleep next to my best friend, my Shih Tzu puppy.

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